Licensed Plumbers in Alliston, Ontario

Since 1974, Van Leeuwen Plumbing & Heating has been proudly serving the residential, commercial and industrial plumbing needs of Alliston, Ontario, and the surrounding area.


Years of solving local plumbing problems have earned Joe Van Leeuwen and his team a reputation for finding practical and proper solutions. We try to assess your plumbing problems over the phone, so that we can be sure that solutions are not overlooked before we arrive.


We understand the demand for a speedy response when you are affected by plumbing problems. We recommend you set up a maintenance schedule with us to prevent any disruption to your business. We are fully insured and stand by the quality of our work.


We know and understand the requirements of working in industrial spaces. We handle the plumbing maintenance at Honda, and are very familiar with commercial fixtures, wash stations, emergency equipment, pressure-reducing valves and the intricate needs of industrial plumbing. 

We are certified to install and test backflow prevention devices and maintain that our Health and Safety Policy and Programs are all in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

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